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“Welcome to 28: a magazine focusing on converting and painting Necromunda, Inquisimunda, INQ28, AoS28 and more from the grim darkness of the far future and the realms beyond.”

28 mag vol-1 cover pascal blanche

“28 is a digital magazine that focuses on unique and personal projects of the Warhammer hobby. It is released bi-annually and, as an entirely not-for-profit venture, is completely FREE TO DOWNLOAD!”

Blood Bowl – NURGLE’s ROTTERS – 006

Finalmente me he decidido a dar el último corte….

I finally decided to do the last cut….

Para poner una Mano Grande.

To put a Big Hand.

Y un Brazo Extra.

And an Extra Arm.

Y como podéis ver en la imagen inicial, voy a usar el Nightmare Hulk de Kill Team: Rogue Trader como Bestia de Nurgle.

And as you can see in the main picture, I’m going to use the Nightmare Hulk from the Kill Team: Rogue Trader bix as Nurgle’s Beast.