Plataforma de Aniquilación Necrón / Necron Annihilation Barge IV

Ayer sacamos otro rato para pintar la Plataforma de Aniquilación, apenas un par de horas o tres. Parece que no vamos a terminar jamas…

Yesterday we continue painting the Annihilation Barge, we worked a couple of hours or may be three… It seems that we’ll never going to finish it.

Annihilation Barge - Plataforma de Aniquilación 014

Las armas iran unidas con imanes a la plataforma para poder intercambiarlas.

The extra weapons will be attached to the barge by magnets so they can be changed as many times as needed.

Annihilation Barge - Plataforma de Aniquilación 013

Esta es la plataforma, unida con Blue Tac, solo para ver que tal va el trabajo de pintura.

This is the Barge, fixed with Blue Tac only to see how the paintjob works.


Si tenemos tiempo trataremos de terminar la Plataforma de Aniquilación mañana y pronto estará en ebay. De todos modos, si hay alguien interesado en ella: contacta con nosotroas aquí o por correo electrónico en

paint2play (a) hotmail (pto) com

If we have time we will try to finish the Annihilation Barge tomorrow and it will be soon on ebay. Anyway, if someone is interested on it: contact with us here or by mail.

paint2play (a) hotmail (dot) com

Richard + onei

: )


3 comentarios en “Plataforma de Aniquilación Necrón / Necron Annihilation Barge IV”

  1. I absolutely love the work you did on that Annihillation Barge. It looks advanced yet still very ominous; one of the best Necron vehicle paint jobs I have ever seen. Well done! Would you mind sharing the paint color and steps you used so that I might try something similar for my Monolith? Thanks so much in advanced.

    Me gusta

    1. Hi!

      If you have an airbrush it’s really easy to paint with those lightning (or glowing) effects. But don’t worry if you haven’t.

      The “color receipt” and painting steps are:

      Black base coat
      Dark Angel’s green (CT) or Black Green (VMC) [CiTadel / Vallejo Model Color]
      add Emerald Green (CT)
      Emerald Green
      add Scorpion Green (CT)
      Sorpion Green
      Yellow Green (VMC)
      White (I didn’t painted with it yet.)

      In any case you can do the colors easily with blue, yellow and black. First you can do the Dark Angels with blue, yellow and a little bit of black; the emerald is very simple to do: blue + yellow (of course). From Emerald to Yellow Green you only have to add more and more Yellow, so you don’t need all those colors.

      Don’t forget using water to dilute paints and that is better to paint the edges with the brush’s body and not with the tip.

      Thanks for coming and feel free to come back and ask as much as you want.

      Sorry about my English!

      Me gusta


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